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Baofeng Lake


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Baofeng Road,Wulingyuan District, China, Hunan Province, Zhangjiajie
Hours : 1.5-2 hours

About this place

The core scenic area of Baofeng Lake covers the whole lake surface which is 2.5 kilometers in length, with a width of 200m to 1000m, and an average depth of 72m. It is the only scenic area with the water as its scenes in the area of Wulingyuan World Natural Heritage. Baofeng Lake is located among the mountains, receiving natural waters all over the mountains. The water is pure and clean, free of pollution, thus it is awarded as “Holy Lake”. Around the lake stand dozens of cliff and steep sandstone mountains. If one boats to the center of the lake, one can feast one’s eyes with the reflection of tress and peaks over the mirror-like lake surface that forms a splendid and wonderful landscape painting with charm and artistic conception. There are over twenty scenic spots including One-line-sky, Plank Road over the Clouds, Yingwozhai, and South Sea and so on. It is especially famous for Baofeng Waterfall which falls from a height of over one hundred meters and hangs down the mountain as a white curtain, as sound as the thunders. It was taken as the natural performance set of Zhangjiajie International Festival of Forest Protection and appeared for several times on CCTV and Hunan TV, which made it one of the ideal places for visitors home and abroad. At present, it is the show place of “Soul of Wulin-TIMA God Song”.

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