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Tianmen mountain
Tianmen shan


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Tianmen mountain cable car station, China, Hunan Province, Zhangjiajie
Hours : 6 hours

About this place

                                                                                            Tianmen Mountain
  Genenral Introduction As the saying goes: “In Dayong lies Tianmen Mountain, with a distance of only three point three chi to the sky. He who wants to ascend to heaven should seat the sedan without ceiling, or ride the horse without saddle.” Tianmen Mountain ,1518.6 meters above sea level, stands loftily on the south of Lishui River. It is 1300 meters high above the Zhangjiajie City proper and 8 kilometers from the city that Tianmen Mountain is a unique one. Looking at it from the city proper, you can see that the major peak looks like a big Chinese character “山” (means “mountain”). If the 16 peaks of Tianmen Mountain are watched connectedly, they also present the fantastic image of the character “山”.


  Tianmen Mountain has a forest with an area of 80 hectares, among which includes a primitive sub-forest area of 33 hectares, with an 80% rate of coverage. Owing to its moderate climate and plentiful rainfall, Tianmen Mountain has such a favorable natural environment for the growth of various plants and the multiplication of rare birdss and animals. Many kind of precious species of trees, like dove tree, Chinese tulip trees etc, survive in the area. It is also an eden of rare birds and animals: muntjac, wild boar, wild goat, golden pheasant, musk deer and rhesus monkey. In 1992 this area was evaluated as Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park. The main scenic spots of Tianmen Mountain consist of Tianmen Cave, Tiancao Waterfall, Guigu Cave and Temple of Tianmen Mountain etc.Now ,Tianmen mountain is also a 5A scenic area,as famouse as Zhangjiajie national forest park.Attracted hundreds of thousands of people!

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Re: Tianmen mountain

By Chris Tan,

Zhangjiajie local guide&driver,find your personalized private tour!


Very beautiful and amazing mountain.The second national park in Zhangjiajie/garden in the air/glass plank road/biggest hole through mountain in the world/longest cable in Asia/most interesting sky way in China.Tianmen mountain make Zhangjiajie even more famous.
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Re: Tianmen mountain

By Chris Tan,

Zhangjiajie local guide&driver,find your personalized private tour!


As for Zhangjiajie tour guide,we think its one of the most attractive scenic spots in Zhangjiajie,the biggest hole through the mountain&glass walking way&30 minutes cable car&99 bending sky way,worth doing.

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