Maoyan river drift Tours – Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, China

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Maoyan river drift


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Wentang,Yongding district,Zhangjiajie city, China, Hunan Province, Zhangjiajie
Hours : 1.5-2 hours

About this place

When it come to summer, tourists need not only something good to see but also something cool to try in Zhangjiajie.

When this idea come to your mind,Maoyan river drift can be your first choice.All you need to do is to stay another day and pay a little more money.

Maoyan river is the largest branch river of Lishui-- The mother river of Zhangjiajie with neat and excting water,beautiful natural valley both sides.It is kind of adventure with threatening but no danger.Drift length is about 10 kilometers with over 66 meters totally drop and waters falls along the way.

Maoyan river drift scenic area is not a isolate one ,accompany with Jiutian cave,Kuzhu ancient town,Kuzhu valley and Yuhuang cave.We called all of them western touring line of Zhangjiajie.Can be finished in one day.That gonna be very fun because you can enjoy amazing natural,cultural,historical and folk scenic things at one time.Above all,cool water gonna wash everything annoying from you!

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Clear cool water,nice mountain view on the way,good place to do rafting in Zhangjiajie!Now run by the government.

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