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Charming Western Hunan


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Gao yun avenue Wulingyuan zhangjajie city, China, Hunan Province, Zhangjiajie
Hours : 1.5 hours

About this place

As a local Tujia guy and tour guide of Zhangjiajie , i am very proud to be here to give you a recommendation about Charming Wester Hunan show.I grew up in this amazing land:Charming Western Hunan,Zhangjiajie national forest park,Tianmen Mountain,Yellow dragon cave,Baofeng lake,Zhangjiajie great canyon,Tujia folk custom park,and Junsheng sandstone institudeetc.Too much charming natural and unnatural things to see. All of these makes Zhangjiajie an international city now.

Among the attractions of Zjj, Charming Western Hunan is my favorite.Proved by fact, it is also most tourist's love.Very year,over one million tourists chosen this show.Why is it so attractive? In my opinion, first, it showed you the local nationality's special dancing,songs:Mao gusi dancing, Sangzhi folk songs. Special Wedding custom: Crying Wedding.Special date:Folk mountain songs festival.Special legend:Heroes return home.Special witchcraft:Walking in fire by naked feet, Walking on knife's edge by naked feet ,Gui gu Qigong etc.All of these show be based on reality and i experienced them.

None of them who enjoyed this show felt undeserving and 100% satisfied.Don't hesitate, just go for it when you make your plan of Zhangjiaje.

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