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Carpet Weaving

Hi everybody,

Here I’m going to talk about carpet weaving in Kashan. it has not been a long time that almost every Kashanian family has a carpet “Daar” in the house. Carpet Daar is the main structure, wooden almost always, that has many strings in the middle, and the carpet will be created on it. It comes in different sizes depend on the Carpet Plan.
Nowadays, since carpet weaving cannot cover the family income by itself, it has become just a hobby in the leisure time and an artistic work like painting, sculpting, etc. Currently the most common type of it, is “Tablo Farsh”, which means a small carpet (smaller than full size ones), woven in various plans (a grid image of the final carpet pattern) depend on your interest (garden view, people, flowers, or every picture you prefer).

We have a medium “Carpet Daar” in our house. My mom likes to weave in her leisure time. From time to time she goes to Grand Bazar of Kashan, buy a Carpet Plan and its required colored strings, and we sit together and weave, and talk about different issues.

It’s very lovely. I like it since helps me to release my mind from everything, and stare to colorful strings, and feel good & excited to see how an amazing artistic carpet are being made line by line by my hands.
If you intend to travel here, Kashan, It will be my pleasure to show you how a carpet will be woven. You can test it, knot the strings, and participate in this wonderful process.