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The Naxi People

                                        The Naxi  People

The Naxi Nationality has a population of 300,000 people.It is a Nationality with a long history and rich cultural heritage.Most of them reside in the Lijiang city.they are also found in the counties of Ninglang,Shangrila.

The Naxi people are the descendants of the Diqing people,an ancient nomadic trib in China,The Naxi people created the brilliant Dongba culture in the long course of historical dvelopment.Thousands of volumes of th "Dongba Scriptures "written in a pictogrphic language are a world-renowned treasure of written material.

The Naxi man's clothing s not much different from that of the Han.A woman wers a loose upper garment with a vest,a pair of trousers,a pleated apron and goatskin shawl,on which there are seven delicately woven round designs symbolizing the moon and the stars.(To work in moolight means exceptional industry,)

The Naxi people are open-mided,and fond of singing and dancing.they would sing and dance around bonfires on tne red-letter days.

Grand natinality sports competition and trade fair are held on traditional festival such as Sanduo Festival,Luomahui(mule and horse fair),ect.