Nuo Deng Village Tours – Yunnan Province, Yunlong County, China

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Nuo Deng Village


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Nuo Deng Village, YunLong County, Dali, Yunnan Province, China, China, Yunlong County, Yunnan Province

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Nuo Deng Village can be traced back to 2000 years ago. The village was a very important salt mining spot in that time. It remains its traditional extraction method by burning wood to get salt. Today, it lives Bai minority there. In Qing dynasty, there were over 100 students got excellent result in official examination set by the government. 6 of them became officer in the central government. Today, the village remains the old tradition of Bai. Lot of old stone steps, collection of remains from Qing dynasty. The ham preserved with Nuo Deng salt is delicious. Nuo Deng Village is 165KM from Dali city.

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Nuodeng Village

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The history of Nuodeng can be traced back to Han dynasty (109BC) , Emperor Wudi conquered Yunnan and established a "Yizhou prefecture 益州郡 " , 24 counties is under ruling of Yizhou Prefecture. BISU county is a county of Yizhou prefecture with Nuodeng as its capital, Nuodeng produces salt from a 21m- deep-ancient well in the village. Nuodeng has a history of 2000 years of salt production.

In the old days, salt was an inportant product and was transport to different places near more

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