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Bamei village


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Bamei village, Guangnan county, Wenshan prefecture, Yunnan province, China, Wen Shan, Yunnan Province
Hours : 08:00-18:00

About this place

Baimei Village is situated in Guangnan County. Surrounded by mountains around and without available roads, the village can be only accessed by waterways in two Karst caves in the back and front of it respectively.  you need to take boat for 3 times for the whole journey ,  a 15-minute journey along the winding River would lead you to unveil the hidden village. 

Situated in remote areas and isolated from the outside world due to the inconvenient traffic conditions, Bamei is seldom known to people as a pastoral Zhuang ethnic village shrouded among mountains.    The Zhuang ethnic members in the village have kept the orthodox traditions of their own,  such as the March 3rd Festival, the Dragon Sacrificial Ceremonies, the Ancestral Worship Ceremony,the Colored Rice Festival,  etc.

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