Babao, Wen Shan, Yuannan, China Tours – Yunnan Province, Wen Shan, China

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Babao, Wen Shan, Yuannan, China


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Babao, Wen Shan, Yuannan, China, China, Wen Shan, Yunnan Province
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About this place

For some one who is tired of the singing and dancing “minority” girls at the commercialized tour villages, Baoba is the ideal place to see the real life form of rural Chinese.  The local people here looked as if still lived in the 1980’s as for its housing, street, and their life pace. The food and accommodations (but up to standard) are cheap. Babao is not a popular tourist attraction yet. You still can touch its intact pristinity.

Babao is located southeast in Yunnan province, 400km away from Kunming with a High way link. A tour to there often combined with 2 other places, Puzhe Hei (water land) and Baimei (an isolated village accessed through cave and river), and it could also combined with the  Luoping rape flower tour in spring.

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