Bamei Tours – Yunnan Province, Wen Shan, China

By Elena Luo,

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Bamei Town,Guangnan County, Wenshan Prefacture, China, Wen Shan, Yunnan Province
Hours : 7:00am-7:00pm

About this place

    A village which has been isolated for hundreds of years, all sufficient by itself, and the only channel to connect with the outer world is a cave, where you have to take boat in and out. Is there anything like this, at all? Yes, it's Bamei, about almost 8-10 hours drive from Kunming. Recently, this village was discovered, and soon it becomes the top destination for crazy travellers who're searching for antient, untouched villages. Can  you imagine how interesting, and how striking for the people who resides there for centuries by themselves, now receiving different visitors everyday? Wow,what a shocking thing!

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