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Jane's guesthouse


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Qiaotou town, Tiger leaping gorge, Shangrila,China, China, Tiger Leaping Gorge Trail, Yunnan Province

About this place

Jane's guesthouse located in the beginning of Tiger leaping gorge hiking trail. its very close to Qiaotou town.  this guesthouse is a local Tibetan style guesthouse, with nice Tibetan decoration on the wall.  The roof are covered by small pieces of wood.  it's so quiet at night and you can only hear the nice sound of river in the valley and you will sleep very well .

If you planning hiking Tiger leaping gorge, you can take a good rest at Jane's guesthouse and begin hiking in the early morning of the next day.

The owner of guesthouse, Mrs Zhao , is a good cook.  You may have some of the best local food in china at Jane's guest house.

If  it's still early and you want keep hiking, Jane's also provide luggages store service .

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