White water terrace Tours – Yunnan Province, Shangri La, China

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White water terrace


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White water terrace Shangrila yunnan, China, Shangri La, Yunnan Province
Hours : 5hours

About this place

Baishui Deck (White water Deck)is one of the biggest calcareous tufa spring terraces in the world,located in baidi village in the southeast of Shangrila county,it is 105 kilometer alway from the county seat,the calcium bicarbonate solved in the water deposit to from the terrace of nearly 200mu.there are five scenic spots in all:silver pearls magic flower,Mirror Reflecting the sky,filed left behind by the fairy,fariy showing power and Dragon in silver Water,legend goes that Dingbashenluo,the patron saint of dongba religion once practiced the religion rules and did missionary work here ,so it is regarded the cradle of dongba religion ,and there is a saying,"he who doesn't worship baidi is not a real dongba follower".

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