Tiger leaping gorge Tours – Yunnan Province, Shangri La, China

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The guide around Lijiang, Shangri-la Tiger leaping gorge and meili

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Tiger leaping gorge
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Tiger leaping gorge Shangrila yunnan , China, Shangri La, Yunnan Province
Hours : 4hours

About this place

Located in the southeast of Shangrila county, the famous gorge tiger leaping gorge is between Haba snow mountain and you long snow mountain.it is name after the legend that a fierce tiger crosses the river only through the stone in the middle of the River,the scenic Area mainly consists of the three sections of  upper middle lowers tiger leaping gorge.with a total length of more then 20kilometer ,the narrowest part is only 20 meters.while the average rate of flow is 1360m3/s,the gradient ratio is 213meters.with a drop height of 3790 meter,it's famous gorge in the world, ram king only after the yarlung zangbo River gorge, it's well-know around the world for the high mountains,deep gorges,reef flats and rushing flows.

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