Tibetan Villages Around Shangrila Tours – Yunnan Province, Shangri La, China

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Tibetan Villages Around Shangrila


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Dabaoji Temple, Napa Lake, Jiantang Township, China, Shangri La, Yunnan Province
Hours : 8:00am-10:00pm

About this place

  Diqing Prefacture, known as the Shangri-la to the outer world, is such a rich, beautiful and mysterious land for Chinese and foriegn travellers. Sitting on the highland, with altitude above 3300 meters high, it is still a home for virgin forest, snow capped mountains, wild ferocious animals, beautiful plants and rivers, precious herbs and mushrooms. It is certainly a dream land for many adventurers. Yet the natural condition is so harsh, with thinner oxygen and harsh winter, it keeps many ambitious conquers away.

  The land is so pure, and the smile of people is so sweet and touching, yet full of strength and determination, which attracts lots of sincere practioners of Buddhism here, paying pilgrimage to holy mountains and temples. It is a very mysterious piece of land, as it has its own language, which goes in its own tunes. To understand it, you have to be open and sincere enough to your heart, then you'll see the massages on the faces of people, on the silent lakes and mountain trails, as they are all massengers of the nature.

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