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DiMu Retreat - Shangrila


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JI Neng Gu Village, Shangrila, Yunnan, China, China, Shangri La, Yunnan Province
Hours : 24 hours

About this place

Mumu Hotel is located in a beautiful countryside of Shangri-La, at the foot and behind of Shika Snow Mountain, facing the meadow as far as you can see and continuously to unending of Snow Mountains. The peaceful of nature gives special attractions to the hotel, Tibetan villages surrounding the hotel and brings strong characteristic of their ethnic. Hotel is designed by using Tibetan architectural style, all handmade, every corner has a special charm to make our guests has memories which is hard to forget. Mumu Hotel offering shuttle bus from Gucheng, to convenient travel, only takes 20 minutes from airport to our hotel and less than half hour to the city center of Shangri-La. At the same time our hotel will offer delicious breakfast and arrange our guests for many kinds of outdoor activity as well as people can have an opportunity to learn the nature of Shangri-La beautiful culture.

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