Nujiang Tours – Yunnan Province, Nujiang, China

By Tina Wang,

Proffessional and humorous guide Kunming,Dali, Lijiang & Shangri-La

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R.208,A Area, Govermental Public Cervice Center, Liuku, Nujiang, China, Nujiang, Yunnan Province
Hours : 6:00am-10:00pm

About this place

  Originated from one peak of Himalayas,  Nujiang River (known as the Angry River) roars all the way down to Yunnan, without any bending or turning, it runs out of China, directly into the lower land of Myanmar, then the Indian Ocean.  Surrounded by the Biluo and Baimang Snow Mountains by the two sides, villages are almost squeezing for survival space along the river. It doesn't matter which group they are from, Lisu People, Nu People, and Dulong People, all have darker skin and high nose, and they all go to catholic churches on Sunday. Sub Tropical along the river in summer, couldn't imagina the whole area got frozen and closed down in the long winter time. The high mountains, and the long long river, that's it. But What a mysterious land, what an isolated world, keeps on drawing people's heart to explore it.

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