Eryuan geothermal spring Tours – Yunnan Province, Eryuan-Dali, China

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Eryuan geothermal spring


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The geotherma spring, Cibilake Town, Eryuan county, Dali, China, Eryuan-Dali, Yunnan Province

About this place

Eryuan hotspring was Built in the rural area of  Dali geothermal countries --Eryuan, covers an area of nearly 1000 acres, a total investment of 347 million yuan, beautiful scenery,  the spring is regarded as Asia's largest open-air hot spring.

Early in Ming and Qing dynasties , The hotspring source  was a good place for bath,  One of emperor in Ming dynasty was bathing here. Hotspring at Eryuan is sulfurous springs which rich in potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron and other elements, good water quality and and its good environment make it an idea place for leisure.

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