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Stone Forest


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Shilin County, China, Yunnan Province
Hours : 9:00am-6:00pm Mon-Sat

About this place

The Stone Forest National Park spans 350 square kilometers and is located in Shilin Yi Ethnic Autonomous County, Kunming Municipality in Yunnan Provnce of China. It is comprised of five subunits as follows: the Major Stone Forest, the Minor Stone Forest, the Naigu Stone Forest, Dadieshui Scenice Area and Changhu Scenic Area.
The Major and Minor stone forests are the key components of the entire landscape. It is comprised of the five subareas as follows: Major Stone Forest , Minor Stone Forest, Wannianlingzhi(Enteral Mushroom) Area, Liziyuanqing Area and Bushao Mountain Area.
The Stone Forest Park was offically established in 1931; In 1982 it was designated as one of the first batch of China' National Parks. In 2004, it was listed as a UNESCO Geopark; And in 2007, it was inscribed by the UNESCO as a World Heritage site(South China Karst). The World Heritage Committee commented:"The stone forests of Shilin are considered superlative natural phenomena and the world's reference site for this type of feature."
The Stone Forest is named after a special type of karst landform(pinnacle karst) characterized by densely-clustered majestic stone pillars presenting a "forest" outlook. It is an outstanding masterpiece of the Earth's geological vicissitudes over the past 300 million years since the Permian Period. The original carbonate rock formed under the sea and was later unimaginably sculpted into a stone forest physiognomy as crustal movement which converted the ocean to land, and from plains to high plateaus. During this evolutionary process, the Stone Forest was once scorched by fiery vlocanic lava and then immersed in vast lake water. The formationof the Stone Forest is ture geological kegend. Compared with other similar pinnacle karst sites throughout the world, the Stone Forest of Yunnan is unrivaled in its rich morphological features, long evolution history and complex geoloical process and it is therefore of outstanding aesthetic and scienfific values.
The Stone forest has long been reputed as one of the great natural wonders of the world. Densely assembled rock pinnacles in a broad array of morphological diversity exhibit their superlative natural beauty. For a long time in the past, the Stone Forest has been perceived as the nature prototype of Chinese landscaping art and the "origin of garden creation".
For thousands of yeras, the indigenous Sani people of Yi  Ethnic mirority inhabiting in the Stone Forest region have nurtured an indissoluble affinity with the Stone Forest, creating unique ethnic cultures and a strong tinge of ethnic folk customs. The well-known epic Legend of Ashima, the lively and bustling Torch Festival adn the affectionate song Guests from afar please stay on long been renowned far and wide.
The Stone Forest presents you with the best of karst formations worldwide and is also the homestead of the heroine Ashima.

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