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Yunfu International stone materials center


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About this place

Yunfu, also known as Shicheng, is located in the “Daxiguan” in Guangdong. It is a throat hub connecting the Pearl River Delta and the inland areas and the southwestern region. It is known as the “Stone Kingdom”. The local stone production and processing has been more than 400 years old, and its production capacity ranks among the top in the country. It is known as one of the “China's three major stone industry bases”.
The “Bali Stone Corridor”, which is more than 50 kilometers long, is very rare in the world and is famous both at home and abroad. Yunfusu has the reputation of “Shidu”. For many years, the stone production and sales volume ranks first in the country, and the variety ranks first in the country. The stone here has various flavors of “buy the world” and “sell the world”. The “Shili Stone Corridor” is full of traffic, and the shops are close to one family. The large and small natural stone artificial stone stands on the shelf and is spectacular. According to statistics, the number of Yunfu stone enterprises (including self-employed households) is more than 5,200. In 2014, the total industrial output value reached 31.8 billion yuan, of which the total industrial output value above designated size was 16.2 billion yuan.

The Yunfu Stone Market operates almost all of the products required for construction. Everything from stone blocks, plates, stone crafts to processed stone can be purchased here. Yunfu stone color can be divided into thirteen series of red, yellow, green, black, white, hemp, blue, cyan, purple, brown, gold, gray, flowers, etc.; products can be divided into large plates, specification plates, thin plates, cylinders , spheres, tubes, curves, lines, fireplaces, parquets, handrails, lighting, stone carvings, bonsai, dining tables, coffee tables and sandstone, artificial stone, cultural stone, stone rice stone powder, etc. More than six hundred categories of nineteen categories; stone machinery The manufacturing industry is an emerging industry of Yunfu, which can design and manufacture all kinds of stone sawing, cutting, grinding and other mechanical equipment.

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