Zhen Wu Ge Tours – Yulin, Shaanxi Province, China

By Richard Lee,

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Zhen Wu Ge

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Rong County, China, Shaanxi Province, Yulin

About this place

Zhen Wu Ge, or Zhen Wu Pavillion, which is located in Rong County, Yulin City of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.It is a completely wooden structure of buildings, the pavilion is three-storey building, the most prominent feature of the building is the suspended-columns.

Zhen Wu Ge was first built in Tang dynasty of Qianyuan Reign( 758-779 )and expanded in Ming dynasty, its aim was to press down the fire hazard, for Zhen Wu was a legendary god who could ward off the fire. The pavillion now we can see was built in Ming dynasty with a history of more than 400 years, the horizontal tablet of "Outstanding Structure of Southern Heaven" shows her glory.

Zhen Wu Pavillion is delicate in designed without any nails or metal items, It's 13.2 meters high and 13.8 meters wide, and its depth is 11.2 meters. The whole building was built in the tenon-and-mortise works and in accordance to the lever principle, about more than 3000 pieces of frame members were used in the construction. The 4 main pillars were suspended on the 2nd floor from the top of building,  about 5cm touching to the ground. They supported the whole weight of the building depended on the stretching force.

For the past 400 years, the pavillion was like an accurate balance, experienced a number of  tests of storms and earthquakes, it still stood at its original site intact, it had been praised as "Outstanding Structure of Southern Heaven", "Bright Pearl of Ancient Architecture" and "A special skill in the world". It has become the must-see building for the college students of Department of Civil Engineering.

Standing before at Zhenwu Ge, I couldn't help to produce a feeling of awe,  the reverence to the craftsmen , the reverence to the brilliant ancient Chinese civilization ... ...

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By Richard Lee,

An old-hand tourist information advisor, sparkplug green eco-tourism

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