Live in Hangzhou for 4 years.I speak English and Japanese.

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  Hi, I am Yu and till now I have been living in Hangzhou for four years. If you want to find a place for leisure, local cuisine and chinese culture, come here and I will be your guide. I like traveling and to be a guide is a outside interest which is not for a living but making friends.Singles, couples and families are most welcome except tourist groups. So welcome, my friends. 

Famed for its natural scenery, Hangzhou and its West Lake have been immortalized by countless poets and artists. Spending a few hours for riding a bicycle around the west lake will be memorable in your trip.

Aside from the West Lake, Lingyin Temple is one of the most famous ancient Buddhist temples in China. Would you like to appreciate the magnificent oriental  architecture? Mysterious Buddhist ceremony in the temple could be seen if you came on some traditional Buddhist holidays. Vegetarians might be interested in the food given to monks.

As to food, since you are in Hangzhou, you should eat what Hangzhou people eat.In recent years Hangbang cuisine ( popular in Hangzhou region, Zhejiang) has found flavor in the eyes of domestic customers and the customers from Hongkong and Taiwan regions.

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