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The last local-tyrant of the Yi minority

Yuanyang in Yunnan province which is very famous for its terraced rice fields, it features sea-clouds, terraced rice fields,  primitive forests and clay mashroom-shaped cottages. In this remote mountainous areas are mainly inhabited by the Hani and Yi peoples, these 2 peoples occupied 95 percent of the total population. Almost everybody wear their traditional costumes everyday, no matter work or relax. so people say here is the PARADISE OF PHOTOGRAPHERS.

In a deep mountain valley, there're lived a declined noble family called Zhong Wa Si (宗瓦司). Now, the host was the 7th generation of the local-tyrant, his name was PU, he was a nice man, full of humor and actively. Although he was in his 80's, he still could play many different ethnic instruments and sang folk songs and dances, even he could play modern musical instruments, such as electric keyboard and harmonica.  Almost all his instruments that he made them by himself. He had many interesting stories about his family and the things that related with the Yi and Hani peoples, and had collected many real antiques, such as pottery wares, porcelain, jade and ivory carvings, the most interesting one was the sewing machine which was the gift-giving by the emperor in 1880's to honor the special feats of the family.


Here are some photos about him, hope you enjoy it.