Fujian Hakka House - Amaing building since Yuan dyasty Tours – Yongding, Fujian Province, China

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Fujian Hakka House - Amaing building since Yuan dyasty
福建土楼 - 最早源自明代的惊人建筑


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Nanjing/Yongding city, Fujian, China, China, Fujian Province, Yongding
Hours : 7:30am~17:30pm

About this place


 Miracles in the world!


The earilest buildings were built in Yuan Dynasty, which is between 1271 and 1368.


Hakka people were from Qing dynasty, when the life is so hard for people to live. For escaping the disasters and wars,

people start to move to a safer place where is dangerous enough that government people can't control and safe enough 

that only monsters lived there, the deep of the mountain in Jiangxi, Fujian, and Guangdong province.


There were six big scales move like this, in the end, people built building like hakka house to protect themselves from animals and robbers, hakka houses were built by clay, sand and mud, mixed with blown suger, eggs and baboo chips to

make it stronger.  They can resist the modern weapon, rain, wind and earthquakes, and people still live their and kept their habits from ancient China.

The main attractions are:


Zhencheng Building( The Prince of Hakka house)

Zhenfu Building( The Princess of Hakka HOuse)


Chengqi Building( The king of Hakka House)

Chuxi Hakka Houses


Nanjing Hakka Houses ( Belongs to Zhangzhou)

Yunshuiyao( A beautiful country village)

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User Reviews

Re: Fujian Hakka House - Amaing building since Yuan dyasty

By Nancy Magic Tour,

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Seat rammed earth version of the building earthen embellishment in the brook, field, shade trees at the foot of the mountain, it is not magnificent, but pure, quiet, for thousands of years, stand tall. This strange form of architecture is now attracting people's attention, and Japanese architects call it "the flying saucer, the mushroom, the ground, the flying saucer.
Re: Fujian Hakka House - Amaing building since Yuan dyasty

By Eric Denny,

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Thanks for sharing the nice pictures and information..

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