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108 Buddhist Pagodas

The 108 Buddhist Pagodas lies at the east of Xiakou Mountain on the western shore of the Yellow River. They are the primary attractions of the tourism areas in Qingtongxia Reservoir near Yinchuan City. One of the most famous scenic spot in the Qingtongxia is one hundred and eight Pagodas, located in the Yellow River west bank on a steep hillside. Here used to be grand temple buildings, nowadays, most of the temples were ruined, only left pagoda. This 108 pagodas form in 12 rows, the overall layout is narrow on the top and wide on the bottom, form an isosceles triangle, which is a unique style. It was said that these special pagodas were built in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368). All of them were built a pearl-shaped top covered with lime, looks like the white pagoda of the Yuan Dynasty at the Beijing Miaoying Temple. Due to the 108 dharma bodies, it had such name.

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