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Xingwen Stone Forest and Caves


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Shihai town Xingwen county Sichuan province, China, Sichuan Province, Yibin

About this place

I'm now going to introduce you a extremely beautiful and unique scenic spot .Yes ,it is Xingwen Stone Forest(and caves) .

it may has been a boring site for the locals ,nevertheless ,maybe ,a blockbuster for you curious tourists ,especially those who want to find something fresh and brand-new ,which seldom be described in those travel books .



1,Geographic Location

The Xingwen Stone Forest and caves is located in Xingwen county of Yibin ,with Luzhou to the east and Yibin to the west .It is adjacent to the Shunan Bamboo Forest and covers an area of 126.4square kilometers .

2, status and reputation

It was ratified as a China national key tourist resort by the state council in 2002

It was ratified as a global geopark by the UNESCO in 2004

It has the biggest funnel on earth ,the longest sightseeing cave in China and the largest group of rocks in China

3,scenic features

The Xingwen Stone Forest and caves is well known for its vastness ,magnificence ,beauty and grace .characterized by karst landforms ,its main scenery is typical of Stone Forest and karst  caves .the queer peaks Tower imposingly ;under the ground are interconnecting karst caves ,with holes within holes .the scenery is described in the annuals of Xingwen county : “the rocks stand in great numbers ,some like edifices, some like young horned dragons, some like tigers and leopard ,all of which are in different poses and expressions ,some jumping ,some crouching, some gathering ,some scattering ,a real stunning view .”


Located 30 kilometers south of Zhongcheng town ,in Xingwen county ,Xingwen Stone Forest and caves is famous for its queer stone forest and numerous caves .featured by karst landforms ,the whole scenic area includes Tianquan cave scenic area ,the Jiusi mountain scenic area ,the Dabazongyuan (大坝综源景区)and the Zhoujiagou Karst Cave Scenic Area (周家沟溶洞景区).


At the rear exit of the Tianquan cave ,there are two natural karst funnels, namely the Xiaoyanwan Grand Funnel  (小岩湾大漏斗) and Dayanwan Grand Funnel (大岩湾大漏斗).the diameter of the xiaoyanwan grand funnel is 650 meters and the sunshine can penetrate as deep as 208meters .most parts of the precipice are erect turquoise streaks ,which glimmer like silver and look like a flying waterfall .in the Middle part of the precipice ,a natural plank road ,about 2000 meters long ,connects the back exit of the Tianquan cave .the dayanwan grand funnel is located 400 meters from the xiaoyanwan grand funnel .it is about 700 meters from the west to the east and about 450 meters from north to south .and the deepest part is 230meters from the ground .it is shaped like a gourd and is connected to the Tianquan cave .both of them are larger than the American Arecipo funnel (美国阿里西波大漏斗),which is 330 meters in diameter ,70meters in depth .


p.s. this is just a rough introduction of this magic global geopark .if you are interested in Sichuan ,Chengdu is definitely NOT the only consideration .the southeast Sichuan ,which I mean ,the cities like Yibin and Zigong also worth exploring ,absolutely !

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firstly get to Xingwen county(we local residents are used to  call it Gusong town) from Chengdu or Yibin by coach.You could get to Yibin by coach or airplane.

then take the taxi ,or hire a van to get there 

there's also coach there .

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By Nick,

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here i posted a local map from lonely planet .it shows the city Yibin and Xingwen county
may it be helpful for you :)

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