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One Day in Yangzhou

   How time flies! Seven-day holiday has gone and I have to return to my job. Quite a few of my friends said I just let the golden chance of making big money go. It was true but I really hate seeing thousands of thousands of people being crowded into one "poor" place of interest. As a result, I stayed at home with my family and  I' ve really got huge happiness. Yesterday, I was free and all of a sudden, I crazily missed Yangzhou's Baozi,Sliced Tofu with Shrimps and Sweet Lotus Root Stuffed with Sticky Rice. I couldn't wait and drove nearlly two hours to Yangzhou.    After making my stomach feel satisfied in Fu chun Teahouse ( a very popular dining place in Yangzhou),  I took a random walk beside the ancient canal which got started in 486 B.C..  Feeling sleepy in the bright sunshine, I took a seat near the bank and felt so calm that a lot of suffering memories seemed to be so tiny and funny. Maybe, only in some places like Yangzhou, a peaceful small city , we can slow down and feel contended about our life.  See you, Yangzhou, some day!