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Yangzhou Introduction

Taken By Song Yangbiao[宋阳标]

Yangzhou (Yángzhōu [扬州]), known as a city of gardens and alleys, is a destination that makes a trip to China unforgettable. Little known to most foreign travelers, Yangzhou is a proud retainer of ancient Chinese architecture, art, culture, traditional gardens and parks, cuisine, leisure, and commerce in a beautiful mixture of modernity with its rich 2,500 year history. The demolition sledgehammer has not made much headway here, leaving an increasingly harder to find view into the past. All in all, Yangzhou is the ideal place to experience unique aspects of Chinese culture, and is a relaxing break from other overly developed and commercialized urban centers in the region.

Fast Facts About Yangzhou

Local Cuisine:
Dialing Code:
Getting There:
Getting Around:
Claim to Fame:
Eastern China, Jiangsu Province.  One hour from Nanjing.
Officially 4.5 million. Less than 1 million in city center.
Predominantly Han Chinese.
Mandarin (普通话) and Yangzhou-talk (扬州话).
Huaiyang (Yangzhou) Style.
"+86 514" from abroad. "0514" from within China.
Train and bus convenient.  Air via Nanjing Airport. Water transport via Grand Canal.
Foot, passenger carriages, bicyle, bus, taxi.
Does not freeze during winter. Up to 40°C in summer. High humidity.  Comfortable spring and autumn.
Slender West Lake, Home of Yangzhou Style Cuisine, old-China architecture, Grand Canal.