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Ye Chun Teahouse 2

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No. 1 Fengle Shang Jie, China, Jiangsu Province, Yangzhou
Hours : Open for dim-sum from 6-11am. Open for dinner from 5-8pm.

About this place

This Ye Chun offers similar fare to the other Ye Chun across the street.  They share the same name, both have a long history in Yangzhou, and as far as we know, are both equally famous for their dim sum.  Steamed buns (baozi, 包子), thin tofu noodles in broth (tanggansi, 烫干丝), and giant soup dumplings (汤包) are a few dishes that are known to be extra delicious at Ye Chun.
The dim sum is served in set platters that cost 30, 40 or 50 Yuan per person. There is no English menu.

Inside is a series of large tables that seat ten.  Groups of less than ten share tables with each other. It could be a great chance to practice Chinese!

Pictured above are steamed buns (top right), large beef dumplings (bottom left) and cake (top left).

Cold appetizers including thin tofu noodles in broth.

The soup dumpling is so big that it is served with a straw.

How to get there: This Ye Chun is located at No. 1 Fengle Shang Jie (丰乐上街1号) on the east side of Beimen Wai Dajie (北门外大街).  The other Ye Chun is almost right next door at No. 10 Fengle Shang Jie on the west side of Beimen Wai Dajie.

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just so so
<p>I went there last autumn,it was not as good as people said,maybe its already famous so the boss doesnt worry about the business now.</p>
We recommend Yangzhou.

By Kate,

<p>People in Yangzhou are very nice, they will try to tell you all about Yangzhou where and what is the best , even though their English level is not good, but you can still feel their warm and hospitality.</p> <p>As an example in Ye Chun Teahouse, when we don't know what to order, some local people helped us to recommend what to order, and an old man invited us to try some food he ordered, and explain what`s is it,&nbsp; and what it made from, really nice person. I more

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