Ye Chun Teahouse Tours – Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

Ye Chun Teahouse

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No. 10 Feng Le St., China, Jiangsu Province, Yangzhou
Hours : 6:30am-12pm

About this place

The Ye Chun Teahouse has been a Yangzhou staple for nearly 200 years. Not only is the teahouse set in one of the prettiest locations in town, along the tree lined banks of the Hu Cheng Canal near the Qian Long Imperial Dock, Ye Chun serves up some of the best steamed Chinese dishes as well. Most famous is the Ye Chun Zhengjiao 冶春蒸饺, a steamed meat dumpling, which is a must-order if visiting the restaurant. Other specials include Baozi 包子(stuffed steam buns) sold outside at breakfast and dinner time, along with Shaomai 烧卖 (dark rice wrapped dumplings), and Tang Gan Si 烫干丝(a Yangzhou specialty composed of thin tofu noodles in broth). Ye Chun Teahouse is easily the best place in town to grab a traditional breakfast as well, which comes in set meals.

How to Get There: Ye Chun is located at No. 10 Fengle Shang Jie (丰乐上街11号) which is on the west side of Beimen Wai Dajie (北门外大街).  A second and unrelated Ye Chun is almost right next door at No. 1 Fengle Shang Jie which is on the east side of Beimen Wai Dajie.


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Re: Ye Chun Teahouse

By Eric Denny,

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<p>Seems a nice place to enjoy cuisine</p>
Re: Ye Chun Teahouse

By Qinqin,

Licensed Tour Guide / Business Interpreter in shanghai and Hangzhou

<p>Ye Chun Tea house is the best place to go for breakfast in Yangzhou. You may try their specialities &nbsp;such as &nbsp;Huangqiao&nbsp;pan cake, Spring oion pan cake, Huizhou pan cake, etc</p>
Re: Ye Chun Teahouse

By Julia Zhu,

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<p>Good to have green tea and flower tea in Spring and Summer.</p> <p>Woolong tea and black tea in Autumn and Winter.</p>

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