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Old Yangzhou


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Head south on Guoqing Road from Wenchang Zhonglu, China, Jiangsu Province, Yangzhou

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Another great place to wander is around the old part of town off Ganquan and Guoqing roads commonly known as 'Old Yangzhou'. There’s no telling what interesting things you’ll stumble across down these back streets. Find the canal running north and south for a beautiful scene that rivals the famous canals of Suzhou. The main streets are ideal for browsing hundreds of tiny storefronts at your own pace.  From Guoqing Road head east down the alley marked for the Fu Chun Teahouse (富春茶社), one of the oldest in Yangzhou. Not only is this teahouse worth a visit, the alley leading to it is called “scissor street” and aptly sells an eye catching variety of scissors and knives.


Any ol’ day along the canals                           Qionghua, the Yangzhou city flower

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Re: Old Yangzhou

By Kungfu Panda,

Excellent & Professional English tour guide


The ancient city of Yangzhou, one of the most livable city China. There is beautiful scenery and delicious fried rice in Yangzhou
Re: Old Yangzhou

By Julia Zhu,

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To sail along the canal watching blossoms and newly sprouted trees in cozy spring time is the most enjoyable experience.
Feels great.

By Chris,


It`s true, i did exactly like what u said and it`s feels great.
Walking on the street-feel the ancient culture and the history, the local people

Old Yangzhou is where you can feel the ancient culture and the history, the local people, i like walking on the street, to into this city, the environment is great and people said Yangzhou is one of the best places people who like to live here.
If you tired, find any of the tea houses and have a cup of tea which is fantastic, sitting down there, drink the tea, talking with your friends, and watching people passing by, a different way of life.

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