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Lv Yang Guesthouse


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No.23, Guoqing Lu, Xinsheng Jie, Yangzhou, China, Jiangsu Province, Yangzhou

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For those with both a tighter travel budget and a bit of a nostalgic inclination, the Lu Yang Guesthouse is a perfect place for about 50 Yuan a night. The Lu Yang Guesthouse is set down an old alley which makes one feel as if they are visiting the China of a century ago. Guests first enter 3 story arched sunlit atrium where it seems like women wearing traditional Qipao dresses should be leaning elegantly against the banister. The guesthouse dates back to the Qing Dynasty, and was once the place to stay for any big names passing through or visiting Yangzhou. Along with the historic atmosphere comes historic amenities as well though. Most rooms do not include private bathrooms, and showers only flow during summer. With this in mind, it’s possible the Lu Yang Guesthouse is more of an experience than simply a night’s lodging.

Directions: Finding the Lu Yang Guesthouse is a little tricky. It is located down an alley just north of the intersection of Guo Qing South Road (国庆南路) and Gan Quan Rd (甘泉路). The alley, called Xin Sheng Qiao (新胜桥), will be your first on the left when heading north from the intersection, look for a clock store. The guesthouse is not too far down the alley, with a green sign, on the left.


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By haoran wei,

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This is a famous hotel which already exit for hundreds of years. The room is small and decoration may not very fashion. But it still be a very precious experience to spend a night there.  
Re: Lv Yang Guesthouse

By Kungfu Panda,

Excellent & Professional English tour guide


if you fancy hostel,i think you will like here,it show your some thing very tradition,chinese,and oriental.
Re: Lv Yang Guesthouse

By Qinqin,

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Lv Yang Guesthouse is actually an pretty famous guesthouse in Yangzhou since many Chinese celebrities such as Yu Dafu and Mei Lanfang (a well-known actor for Jing Opera )even stayed there before. 

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