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He Yuan


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Xuning Men Road in southern Old Yangzhou, China, Jiangsu Province, Yangzhou
Hours : Open Daily 7:15 to 17:45

About this place


He Yuan is a fun garden to get lost in. Built in 1883, its maze of buildings and residences adapt some Western architectural styles, yet retain a nostalgic late Qing era feel.

This deep, rocky, and elegant place is an intricate weaving of gardens and crimson buildings meshed with buildings within buildings and gardens surrounding gardens. He Yuan emits the feeling of the sun before a rain shower.

There is a certain mystery to the grounds, as finding yourself lost within a forest of towering stones is nearly guaranteed.

A few hundred year old trees cast a long shadow over the two story buildings and lotus ponds, while smaller trees emerge from the rocks and walkways to flower in the spring. Stepping into He Yuan is an escape, and then exiting back out onto the busy street outside will feel like an unfamiliar world. It also lies in a great part of town for street browsing and alley wandering with a great Korean restaurant (Ah Li Lang) just a short walk north of the entrance.

Combo Ticket: For 110 yuan you can get a combo ticket which includes the entrance fees to Slender West Lake, a small museum within the Slender West Lake scenic area, Ge Yuan and He Yuan.  It also includes a twenty minute ferry ride down The Grand Canal.

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He Yuan is located south-east of the center of Yangzhou.  Tourist buses number 1 and 2 both go to He Yuan, as well as city bus number 9 and 19.  It is a short walk west from the south dock of the ferry to He Yuan.

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User Reviews

Beautiful gardens in Yangzhou.

<p>He Garden (He Yuan) was built in 19th century, this garden full of waterways and trees on the side.&nbsp; He Garden is a ideal place to enjoy the sunny morning or a sunset with your good friends or lover.&nbsp; Tea houses around, so you can also have some tea and chat with friends.</p>
The architecture of He Yuan can represents the highest level in late Qing Dynasty.

<p>The architecture of He Yuan can&nbsp; represents the highest level in late Qing Dynasty.</p> <p>He Guan have a backyard, and also have some unique scenic area inside, like the two-storied Winding Corridors, the national longest Thousand-Meter Building Cluster and it`s also the only Over - Water Theater Satage still existent.<br /> <br /> So He Yuan is a place you can not miss to visit in Yangzhou.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Wonderland in Yangzhou .

<p>I went <strong>He Garden</strong> just last weekend, it was amazing, and i think it`s an ideal place for a sunny morning or sunset frolic.<br /> They still have the <strong>combo ticket but the price now is 140 Yuan for each</strong>, still affordable and worth of it.<br /> He Garden also have a few teahouses around it which you can have a good rest and enjoy the peaceful there.</p>

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