Han Dynasty Tombs Tours – Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

Han Dynasty Tombs

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Pingshan Tang Rd, east of Da Ming Temple, China, Jiangsu Province, Yangzhou
Hours : 8:30am-5:30pm

About this place

Even the slightest of Chinese history enthusiasts will be engaged at these remarkably well preserved 2,000 year old tombs. The once Han Dynasty regional emperor Guang Ling (the origin of Yangzhou’s former name) had these wooden tombs constructed for he and his wife. The tombs were uncovered at an incredible 40 meters beneath the surface in the hills just north of Yangzhou. Discovered thirty years ago, the tombs were meticulously disassembled, moved to Yangzhou, and rebuilt within a museum.

Today, the museum sits on one of the few hills in Yangzhou and provides a rare elevated view of the city (on a smog-free day of course). The tombs themselves are composed of huge cuts of Chinese Nanmu wood, and include abundant displays explaining the symbolism behind their construction. Relics found with the tombs are also displayed here. A plus at this museum are the intelligible English captions alongside nearly every exhibit.

The tombs can be visited in about one hour, and as they are indoors, make for a worthwhile trip in any season. They are located around 1 km east of Da Ming Temple on Pingshan Tang road.  

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User Reviews

Can not believe that we missed Han Dynasty Tombs in Yangzhou.

By zengzeng,

Join me, to see a different Nanjing!

<p>Can not believe that we missed Han Dynasty Tombs when last time we went to Yangzhou.&nbsp; Last time after we went to Da Ming Temple, we thought about there should be somewhere else to go, but we couldn't think about, and when we got back to hotel it was late and we were so tired.<br /> But i will go back to Yangzhou next year, this time wont miss it anymore, it will rank up to the first place to go.</p>

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