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Ge Yuan

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No. 10 East Yanfu Road, south of Qianlong Waterway, China, Jiangsu Province, Yangzhou
Hours : Open Daily 7:15am–5:30pm

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Ge Yuan (Garden) is one of the more well known and interesting gardens in all of China. A thick bamboo forest immediately greets a visitor upon entering Ge Yuan. A closer look at the forest reveals a green palette of bamboo varieties. In fact, Ge Yuan gets its name from the character ge (个), said to resemble a leafing stock of bamboo. Emerging from the bamboo thicket comes towering rock formations, four in all that are said to resemble each season, and actually do in a refreshing way. Behind the rock formations are long corridor alley style residences, that have a surprisingly colorful feel despite being composed of gray brick. Passing through Ge Yuan is passing through three different worlds, all of which represent some of the most beautiful aspects of China.

Combo Ticket: For 110 yuan you can get a combo ticket which includes the entrance fees to Slender West Lake, a small museum within the Slender West Lake scenic area, Ge Yuan and He Yuan.  It also includes a twenty minute ferry ride down The Grand Canal.

How to Get There: Ge Yuan is just a 15 minute walk east down Yanfu Road (盐阜西路, 盐阜东路) from the Ye Chun (冶春) area. Ge Yuan can be also reached by taking the #1 or #2 tourist buses.  It should cost 10 yuan or less to take the taxi from Slender West Lake to Ge Yuan.

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User Reviews

Re: Ge Yuan

By Qinqin,

Licensed Tour Guide / Business Interpreter in shanghai and Hangzhou

<p>Ge Yuan is the best garden in Yangzhou, but there are many more nice gardens in China such as summer palace in Beijing, Humble Administrator Garden in Suzhou and Yu yuan garden in Shanghai.&nbsp;</p>
The Best!
<p>Ge Yuan is the best garden i have visited in China.</p>
Ge Garden (Ge Yuan) is a classic Chinese garden in Yangzhou.
<p>Ge Garden (Ge Yuan) is a classic Chinese garden, with rocks and water as it`s main character. Ge Garden (Ge Yuan filled with special styled pavilions so you have have a cup of tea with your friends or even a picnic.</p>

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