Da Ming Temple Tours – Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

Da Ming Temple

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North of Slender West Lake on Pingshan Tang Rd., China, Jiangsu Province, Yangzhou
Hours : Open Daily 7:40 to 17:30

About this place

The towering pagoda seen in the distance from Slender West Lake is Da Ming Temple. The temple dates back more than 1,500 years, although it has been destroyed and rebuilt numerous times throughout history. A highlight here is the Japanese style memorial hall for the monk Jian Zhen, who spread the message of Buddhism to Japan during the Tang Dynasty. Other highlights include climbing the ten story Qiling Pagoda for excellent views of Yangzhou, on a haze free day at least. There is also a very tasty vegetarian restaurant within the temple complex, just below Qiling Pagoda.

Just East of Da Ming Temple is the hill top Guanyin Shan Monastery. The monastery becomes particularly lively during the Guanyin celebration, usually in late July or early August, when the incense inferno piles can be smelled blocks away. The hills around here are also dotted with historical sights such as the Tang Dynasty ruins and the impressively well preserved Han Dynasty Guangling Tomb.


Da Ming Temple is on the northwest side of Yangzhou. Tourist buses 1 and 2 go here as well as city buses 5 and 25. The area is also just across the road from Slender West Lake’s north entrance. 

 Looking down on Da Ming Temple from the top of Qiling Pagoda

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Re: Da Ming Temple

By Qinqin,

Licensed Tour Guide / Business Interpreter in shanghai and Hangzhou

<p>The entrance ticket fee in peak seaon ( Mar to June and Sep to Nov )is 45rmb/pax. &nbsp;and 30rmb during off season ( Dec to Feb, July and Aug)&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
I went there before!
<p>Heyyy, i went to Da Ming Temple before, it`s not far away from the Slander West Lake, i walked there and the weather was really nice so i enjoyed the hiking a lot, then when i got to Da Ming Temple, the Temple was quite different as other temples, the envirnment was green every where, crowed but quiet, it might be the most famous temple in Yangzhou.</p>

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