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Fishing-Lights on the Li River in Yangshou, Guilin

"Fishing-lights on the Li River" is the one of eight typical excellences in Yangshuo, Guilin. the municipal government has approved to hold the " Fishing-Light Festival " in Yangshuo in decembers every year since 1999, the aim is to spread the traditional Chinese life-style outside the world.

Cormorants are skillful fish catchers, and the good assistants of fishermen as well, catching fish by cormorants with fishing-lights is a traditional folkway of fishermen who lived along the Li River. In the past, the fishermen in the Lijiang River used to go fishing at night, often sent out dozens of hundreds of bamboo-rafts, bringing together at  White-Sand Bay, the fisherman who lighted fishing- lantern on the rafts,so as to lure fish on the hook. The inverted reflection of the fishing-lights in the river lit up the riffling spray, just like a starry night in the sky, the bamboo- rafts shuttling on the river, and when the time the cormorants are now diving in the water, all these elements that consists of a scene as " a river is full lighted up in red by the fishing-lights". it is amazing!

When evening is approaching, the fishmen begin to row their rafts into the river, hanging up a gas lamp( original one is torch) on the rafts, using the fish's habits of chasing the light in dark, and set down the fishnets to trap the fish, and then drive the cormorants into the river to catch the fish one by one for them. It's said that the cormorants were tied with a thread around their necks properly, so that when a cormorant once catch a fish that it can't swallow it down into its stomach, he has to spit it out to the fish-basket, a cormorant can support a family's life.