Xima Terrace(The Horse-Training Terrace) Tours – Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

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Xima Terrace(The Horse-Training Terrace)


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About this place

Xima Terrace was built to commemorate General Xiang Yu who lived at the end of the Qin dynasty.Originally Xima Terrace was a place for General Xiang Yu to inspect his soldiers and cavalry.

Many temples and pavilions have been built here over the last 2000 years and it has become a place for men of letters to speculate and study history.

Xima Terrace was rebilit in 1985.It covers about 7525 square meters with a building area of more than 2000 square meters.Fengyun Pavilion(Pavilion of Wind and Cloud) in the center divides the complex into front and back parts.The front section consists of east and west yards.There are rich historical materials and vivid murals in the six exhibition rooms of the two yards,which reveal Xiang Yu's whole life and his military career from his heyday to his defeat.

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The Xima Terrace is located in downtown Xuzhou at hubushan in Malaysia on the top of the original is Xuzhou's most famous monuments .
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Xima Terrace also lies Zheng's Grand Courtyard which has the typical features of Xuzhou residential courtyard.

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