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Laobanzhang village


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Banzhang village, Bulan township, Menghai county, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan province, China, Yunnan Province, Xishuangbanna
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About this place

Laobangzhan village is also call banzhang laozhai (班章老寨) ,where is famous for The Pu'er tea brand- "Laobanzhang" , It is  100km from Jinghong city, 60km from Menghai county. 

The land of Laobanzhang belongs to Bulang people Since 300AD,  The vilage was established  by Hani people in 1476AD, The ancestor of Hani people- Aini people migrated here, The oborigines- The Bulan people gave the land and the forst area near LaoBanzhang village and land  to Hani people.  TO express the the gratitude to Bulang people, Hani people give riceseeds and stocksto Bulang people annually since the begining till 1990th. 

The tea in Laobanzhang is the best among Pu'er tea,  Kown as "The king of Puer tea"!   Puer tea and wine are similar,  tea produced in different mountain has different flavour,  Puer tea from Laobanzhang village has unique characteristics :  very good eco-system & very old Puer tea trees made the tea smeels with aroma of Orchid and honey.

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