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tour recommadation about xi'an

      There are few tips I will remind to you.
1.       City wall of Xi’an( South gate which is the most intact one among the all gates ,open8:30am to 9:oo pm) and then you can go to visit the north square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda, newly built cultural theme park to expend the glorious Tang dynasty by statue of common people and celebrity of Tang. There are two times water fountain shows with Chinese musical melody to amuse the local people is located in the center of the square. I hope you cannot miss that (4:00 pm and 9: pm). You walk through the park to the Big wild Goose Pagoda only a few minutes.
2.       If you really want to finish the Terracotta-warriors and Hua mountain just in a day. You must be a very early bird at that day. Because the traffics between the museum and the mountain sometimes very unpredictable. Climbing from bottom of mountain to highest peaks is totally impossible due to your time.  
3.       The Tang Dynasty Paradise is men-made park and Huaqing hot springs are also recently reconstructed only a few original sites left. They are not worthy for your time.
4.       Days hotel is located in downtown of Xi’an, only few city blocks away from train station of Xi’an.