Xi'an City Walls Tours – Xian, Shaanxi Province, China

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Xi'an City Walls

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Hours : Open 7:30am-9:30pm Apr-Oct, 8:00am-6:00pm Nov-Mar

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First established in the Sui Dynasty (6th century A.D.), the city walls were repaired many times.  The walls you see today were first expanded and built on the existing foundations of old walls during the Ming Dynasty and renovated again quite recently.  The Xi’an city walls form an unbroken rectangle around the city center that is almost 14 kilometers long. There are many access points to get to the top of the wall but the most popular is the South Gate (Nanmen, 南门).
From the south gate, you can grab a bicycle or bus and make your way all the way around the wall. Bicycles can be rented for 20yuan/100 minutes which is about enough time to take a ride along the wall. Bicycles built for two cost 40yuan/100 minutes. You cannot bring your own bicycle on to the wall. 8-person elongated golf carts take visitors on round-trips of the wall for 50yuan/person.

The South Gate.

A view of the Xi'an City Walls from atop the South Tower.

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By Gedeon,

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<p>Rent a bike if you can, enjoy your biking tour!</p>
Feel Chinese history in Xi`an
<p>Planning this trip to Xi`an for almost 3 months, and today we finally made it, when we got off the flight and drop off our luggage at hotel, we just cant wait to start our trip no matter the jet leg we have.</p> <p>The first place we went is Xi`an City Wall, a great and amazing building standing in front of us, it was standing there for almost 700 years, can you believe that? When you up to the wall, you can see part of&nbsp; the city views, the lovely Chinese red lante...read more
Great City Walls in Xi`an.
<p>Xi`an City wall was built by Ming Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang too, in the year of 1374-1378, it`s already have 600 years. After Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang capital Nanjing, he also think Xi`an is another important location of military defence, so he start building this great city walls. <br /> No wonder why people like to visit it no matter how far is it. If you wanna see this City Walls, you can either go to Nanjing or Xi`an, both of it are amazing in China.</p> <p>JSW</p>
Must to go place in Xi`an
<p>I think Xi`an City Walls is a must-to-go place in China, and the environment is really nice there, the ground are incredibly clean, i heard that the Xi`an government in order to protect the Xi`an City Wall , they made a draft to regulate people's behavior which is a good movement. Can you see how clean the ground is from that picture?<br /> <br /> But another interesting thing i know is you can ride a bicycle on the wall which i didnt but could be really fun.<br /> </p>

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By Tai-Te,

Have a fun trip!

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