Great Mosque of Xi'an Tours – Xian, Shaanxi Province, China

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Great Mosque of Xi'an

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A walk through the courtyards of the Great Mosque of Xi’an should give visitors a strong sense of the historic Muslim influence in Xi’an. The mosque is still active today so the prayer hall is not open to visitors. The mosque is said to have been opened in the 8th century during the Tang Dynasty but most of the current buildings were built or rebuilt in the 18th century. 
The area surrounding The Great Mosque is a draw on it’s own.  The small pedestrian streets nearby are lined with vendors selling Xi’an tourist souvenirs, t-shirts, etc.  Just to the east of the mosque is Beiyuanmen (北院门).  Lining the edges of this long pedestrian street are small art shops and restaurants that serve Roujiamou, Yangrou Paomou and other snacks.  The southern entrance of Beiyuanmen leads to the Drum Tower.



From the Drum Tower, walk north-west. When you reach a small alley packed with vendors, you will know you are heading in the right direction.

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User Reviews

Garden in the Mosque.
<p>Great Mosque have some nice Bonsai and was shaped good, it`s like a another garden but in the Mosque. </p>
Feel the Muslim in Xi`an


<p>This is the first time i went to Great Mosque of Xi`an, and it was also the first time i went to a Muslim place, it`s totally different of the Buddhism or Taoism Temples, the architecture, the design.<br /> And i have to mention one thing is the Muslim food, the Yangrou Paomo, i swear that`s the best i had ever, especially when the winter time you feels chilly and a bowel of Yangrou Paomo will make you feel like in Spring, ja ja ja!</p>

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By Tai-Te,

Have a fun trip!

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