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Bell Tower


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The center of Xi`an City, China, Shaanxi Province, Xian
Hours : Open 8:30am-9:30pm May-Nov, 8:30am-6:00pm Dec-Feb

About this place

The Bell Tower was originally built in the 14th century and it was rebuilt and moved to the center of the city in 1582. Even now, it is considered to be the center of the city.  
Within the Bell Tower is a collection of old Chinese artifacts from 20th century paintings and calligraphy to Tang-dynasty pottery. Several musical performances are held within the tower each day.
The Bell Tower makes a good starting point for a tour of Xi’An city. Climb up top to get a view of the central district of the city all directions. Nearby the bell tower are some of Xi’an’s most famous restaurants, a couple Starbucks, a post office, several hotels, the Bell Tower Hostel, train ticket booths, “travel information” booths, and at least one Bank of China.



The Bell Tower is considered to be the center of Xi’An city. It is in the traffic-circle at the center of the 4 main roads within the city walls: Bei Da Jie (北大街), Nan Da Jie (南大街), Xi Da Jie (西大街), Dong Da Jie (东大街). Access it from any corner of the intersection via an underground pedestrian passageway.

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This is where you get a panoramic view of the old town!
Looked different in Winter.

Bell Tower and Drum Tower are together, do they?
It do have a nice view there, but i went there last Winter, so no green trees and flowers, but it have hug snow and it looks total different and romantic.
Bell Tower - Landmark of Xi`an



Bell Tower is a landmark of Xi`an,  it is located in the city center of Xi`an, and the four main roads around it which are really ancient in my opinion.  And you will never get lost since these four streets will be your direction `coz the name will tell you which way you going to, really clever when people named these streets, don`t they ?

And when you at the top the tower you will see the whole city and you will suddenly feel how great the city is `coz this city have more

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