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some recommendation of Hanyangling Mausoleum

I have been there many times. I think it is better to read some books first before you go to museum, especially some information about the Han dynasty which is second great dynasty after Qin dynasty. The Han culture, Han majority people and Han character (Chinese character) all came from the great era. Around that area, nine emperors mausoleum of Han dynasty all were established due to the Chinese traditional Feng Shui(geomantic omen)theory. The Hanyangling (brightness tomb) is one of these.

The highlight of Hanyangling is naked terra-cotta figures that represent the royal life of Han family. The all museum were subsidized by French government. It is known of living museum in China, tourists can go on the big showcase that is weight bearing. You will see all treasure inch from your eyes.

The museum is divided two main parts. The first one is actual site of mausoleum. The second part is exhibition room where many arts around mausoleum are set out. Between two places these are shuttle cars available.

To my point of view, museum is very good. You can not miss.

Public tourist bus 4 can take to the museum. It start from south gate of Tang paradise

will cost you 4yuan. Entrance ticket is 90yuan.