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Xiamen, China

Originally known in the west as Amoy, Xiamen
(or “gateway to China”) is a major port city with a long history of international commerce.  It is situated on the southeast coast of Fujian Province at the mouth of the Jiulong River directly across from Taiwan.  Greater Xiamen consists of the Island of Xiamen, Gulangyu Islet, several small islets and a portion of the mainland.  Xiamen maintains the reputation as China’s cleanest city.  There are many scenic spots in and around Xiamen, and it is one of the nation’s most popular tourist destinationsXiamen is the ancestral home of many overseas Chinese, who have in turn contributed to the prosperity of the Island. The area is also the main point of economic and cultural contact between Taiwan and Mainland China.  As one of China’s special economic zones, it has become one of the major access points for foreign capital and technology entering China.

Fast Facts About Xiamen


Southeast coast of Fujian Province, China, at the mouth of the Jiulong River across from Taiwan.


About 2 Million


Predominantly Han Chinese


Mandarin (普通) and Southern Min – Xiamen, a sub dialect of Min Nan Hua ()

Local Cuisine:

South Fujian cuisine, combined with Taiwan cuisine

Dialing Code:

86-592 from abroad; 0-592 from within China

Getting There:

Air, Bus, Train

Getting Around:

Bus, Taxi, Ferry, Train, Air.


Subtropical climate with mild weather throughout the year

Claim to Fame:

“Gate of China,”  “Cleanest city in China,” “Egret Island,” “Capital of China’s overseas tea trade”