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Zhongshan Road in Xiamen


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Zhongshan Rd, siming district, Xiamen, Fujian, China, China, Fujian Province, Xiamen
Hours : 24hours

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Business center in Xiamen, whether you’re looking for fine dining, fast food, local authentic flavours, stylish cloth, bags, accessories, shoes, etc,  Zhongshan Road has it all.

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Re: Zhongshan Road in Xiamen

By Nancy Magic Tour,

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Zhongshan Road as Xiamen's economic development, people's living standards improve, constantly abundance beautiful together. People walking in Zhongshan Road, a shop next to one. Domestic well-known enterprises Laiya department stores, Paris spring department store, Hualian Department store, Jinlu jewelry, China Time-honored Guanghua School of pharmacy, yellow is and peanut shop; and bookstores, tea, piano, hotels, Nanyin, drama, film, dry north and south, staple, McDonald's, KFC, co...read more
Re: Zhongshan Road in Xiamen

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Xianmen is my favorite city, beautiful and crazily clean. happy to live there

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