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The Paradise of living - Gulang island
生活的伊甸园 - 鼓浪屿


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Gulangyu island, Xiamen, Fujian, China, China, Fujian Province, Xiamen
Hours : 8:00am~80:00pm

About this place


This is a small island with everything, this is a place you don't want to leave.

It's called " Music village" or "Piano island" with everything you need in your life there, schools from kindergarten to university, 

supermarket, villas, markets, Chinese and western restaurants, coffee and bars,  the most beautiful view and the most quiet nights.

There were lots of famous artists in the history of China, which you can see in the piano museum.,old building which were build by other western countries when it was occupied by them, and the only place without any cars in Xiamen.

You can spend  a couple of days just stay there, relax your life and soul, enjoy the most natural world around green trees and colorful flowers, calm down your mind and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

 It's called the paradise of living by most of Chinese people here.



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As for the Gulangyu homely plants, it is fundamental number not to come over: triangle plum, cherry, hibiscus flowers, flower E, Huang Caopu, Malan, butterfly, cypress and in the porch, crevice, the wall and the side of the road climbing jump low ancient banyan tree, the phoenix tree, kapok tree shadows whirling, visitors under the tree rest your feet; flowering, and tender and beautiful sky; longan, papaya, banana trees in autumn eager to take the fruit weighed the branches down. more

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