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出租车, 的士

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Taxi  (Chu Zu Che - 出租车; Di Shi - 的士)

Taxis are a very convenient and inexpensive way to get around Xiamen.  Taxis cost 8 RMB for the first 8 kilometers, and 2 RMB for each kilometer thereafter.  While there are numerous taxis in the city, it can sometimes be quite difficult to find a vacant one during rush hours. Most taxi drivers do not understand English. Therefore, if your Chinese isn’t up to the task, it is best to have the intended address written out in Chinese characters (business cards are great for this purpose).   Another, albeit slightly less convenient, option is to have someone you can phone who will be able to give instructions to the driver in Chinese.  Within the city the taxi fare should usually not exceed 30 RMB unless you are traveling off the island or going for a long trip along the ring road.  Make sure that the taxi driver turns on the meter (located on the front dash board)!

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