Lasagna Ristorante Italiano Tours – Xiamen, Fujian Province, China

Lasagna Ristorante Italiano


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2F ChunGuang Hotel, Xiamen Harbor, China, Fujian Province, Xiamen
Hours : 11am-11:30pm

About this place

Lasagna Ristorante is a great place to eat Italian food after a visit to Gulangyu Island. The interior is bright and spacious with an authentic Italian atmosphere. There is an abundant selection of gourmet Italian dishes at reasonable prices (from 25 to 90 RMB).  Servers have adequate English skills and everything is spotless, even the washrooms. I have found one side of the restaurant to be a bit more cozy and inviting than the other side.

The restaurant is at the Xiamen Harbor opposite Gulanyu Island.  It is on the second floor of the ChunGuang Hotel to the left of the LuJiang Hotel.

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