Pearl Bay in Xiamen Tours – Xiamen, Fujian Province, China

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Pearl Bay in Xiamen
厦门 珍珠湾


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Cercle Road,Siming District,Xiamen city,Fujian Province,China., China, Fujian Province, Xiamen
Hours : all day

About this place

Pearl Bay is a nice bay in Xiamen city, which is lacated in the south of Xiamen city.

Close to Zeng Cuo An fishing village and near the Xiamen Hulishan Canon Platform.

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Re: Pearl Bay in Xiamen

By Nancy Magic Tour,

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Along the island road can see Pearl Bay white strip to the beach, along the beach lush palm trees emerald green of extending to the distant past, the blue sea and the blue sky, warm sunshine and gentle sea breeze, high wandering in the sky kite and cycling us, joy bow can be picked up.

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