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Tea Travel By Locals


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Guangxi province tea routes , Liuzhou, Hezhou, China, Guangxi Province, Wuzhou
Hours : 8:00am-18:00pm

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        You not only can taste and enjoy the wonderful famous tea in Guangxi province which is in southern China,but alos can see the local minority's old culture and village. The attractive ethnic minority's people hard working makes happy life.Their traditiona way to grow and make tea let them to have the healthy and long life.The famous Liubao fermented tea,Sanjian black tea,Hezhou green tea can't not compar to the Oolong and Dragon well tea but there are the organic healthy tea in this areas. They are one inpor part of the tea and boat routes in late Qing Dynasty. 
       The time can  not wash away the history and our ancestor teached us how to make the tradi tea .
    You can have the chance to see the tea garden,making tea by your own,taste the tea....you can bring some back home even!

    You and me's friendship just a cup of tea....

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